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Sports vision is the scientific field which improves the vision of athletes. It is already established that by improving the visual performance of an athlete we improve his /her performance on the field. On the surface sports appears to be a test of who is faster, quicker, more agile or more physically well endowed.

However, the difference between the superstar and the average athlete in nearly every case is the difference in their visual abilities, not the difference in some physical attributes.

By improving the optical performance of an athlete we can improve his performance in Sports Vision is much more than sight or how clearly one sees, which is commonly measured and termed acuity and is better called sight. Vision is one’s comprehensive ability to organize that which can be seen in such a way that one understands what is seen and can use that understanding to guide and direct one’s actions to achieve the things wanted and needed to survive and to enjoy life.

Peripheral vision, space perception, eye movements and eye- hand-body coordination are responsible for the way we direct our movements in space and therefore they affect the performance of the athletes. All these visual components can be improved. We can not improve the speed of transmission of an image to the brain but we can train the brain to process faster the information.

The athlete can learn to take in more simultaneously, to process it faster, and to make better decisions To achieve this goal we need a new approach to the evaluation of the athletes vision. We need to understand their sport and how vision affects the person’s ability in every aspect Sports vision can help athletes that they don’t perform well when they are under stress or the game is crucial, athletes that they train well, they know very well what to do but they don’t execute, or athletes that they talk too much to themselves when they play( they are not on auto-pilot).

Testing the athlete’s vision and his eye movements in dynamic conditions provides us with information concerning the way he/she perceives space, if he process fast enough visual information so he can react and make the right decisions in appropriate time.. Sports vision includes also eye protection from injuries, UV radiation and correction of all possible refractive errors (myopia, hyperopia,astigmatism) with glasses, contact lenses.

Refractive surgery is also a choice of preference from many athletes who can not wear glasses or they don’t tolerate contact lenses. Refractive procedures should be chosen depending on the sport and the athletes’ needs and expectations. To stay competitive on the playing field you need peak performance from your entire body - and your eyes are no exception.

Sports vision is "full-scope" primary eye care that can help you optimize these three key visual skills: Contrast Sensitivity lets you see fine details from a distance - like the subtle contours of a golf course Dynamic Visual Acuity keeps your vision as clear when you're running as when you're standing, so you can see every obstacle Focus Flexibility keeps a ball in sharp focus as it moves toward or away from you Every sport poses unique challenges: glare, wind, haze, and close encounters with moving objects.

Every sport has unique demands: for depth perception, peripheral vision, eye-hand coordination. Discover which visual skills are most important in your sport. And why
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