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Artemis II+ High Frequency Ultrasound
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Artemis II+ High Frequency Ultrasound

Emmetropia pioneering for another time in the section of the health services ,acquires the unique in Greece and the second in Europe very high frequency(VHF) digital ultrasound eye arc-scanner ,the Artemis II+ .It is the first method available to accurately measure the internal dimensions of the eye to within one-tenth of millimeter .Artemis II+ takes advantage of the accuracy of ultrasound together with the 3D mapping capabilities of a scanner .Specially the Artemis’ primary functions are to provide very high resolution ultrasound B-scan imaging of the anterior and posterior segment, high-precision 3-D mapping of individual corneal layers, 3-D mapping of anterior segment dimensions. The resolution of the Artemis II+, when set to scan cornea, is sufficient to distinguish individual corneal layers in microscopic level , such as the epithelium, stromal component of the flap, residual stromal bed, and others, all in 3-D, thanks to multimeridianal scanning. This fact makes Artemis II+ unique in its type .Furthermore; the precise measurement of the dimensions of the anterior segment provides the ability to detect the existence of pathogenetic mechanisms, whose development can reveal different types of glaucoma. Moreover, the Artemis II+ is the first method that can detect the existence of early keratoconus .In detail ,an Orbscan examination can show only clue of forme fruste keratoconus however with Artemis II+ we can examine and confirm the existence of forme fruste keratoconus .

According to the above functions, Artemis II+is the most suitable procedure either for the decision of a refractive surgery or for the insertion of a thin lens inside the eye, or for the detection of major diseases, like keratoconus or glaucoma. Moreover it is the most accurate method to decide retreatements especially in LASIK patients, due to the fact that it determines the thickness of the flap and especially the amount of stromal tissue remaining in the posterior cornea under the flap after surgery.

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